Beers Contemporary. 11th Jan 2018 Opening. Beers, London.


Lives and works in Leeds, UK

2011-2014    BFA Slade School Of Fine Art, London
2010 - 2011 Northampton College

Duo Exhibitions

Expo ’16. Calais 2016

Duo Exhibition

Jackouzie, Fat Relic, London, 2014

Suzy Babington and Jack Towndrow

Havin' A Wobbly One

9 Forres Street, Edinburgh. 2015
Suzy Babington and Jack Towndrow

Group Exhibitions

My Head is round so my thoughts can change direction, Assembly House, Leeds.
Nov 2017

David Auborn, Suzy Babington, Jason Herr, Rae Hicks, Bridget Mullen, Laurence Owen

Dik Piks, Lady Beck, Leeds. 21st July to 25th July, 2017
with/  Suzy Babington, Bea Bonafini, Justin Fitzpatrick, Alex Gibbs, Neil Haas, Thom Trojanowski Hobson, Jason Herr,

Motoko Ishibashi, James Lincoln, Kate Lyddon, Jade Ching Yuk Ng, India Nielsen, Rufus Newell, Don Pablo Pedro,

Joe Pearson, Dovile Simonyte, Milly Thompson, James Unsworth, Dan Venn, Tom Wolsford, Joel Wycherley.


Surprise Birthday, Bargain Spot, Edinburgh 2015
Joe Pearson, Sam Risley, Jack Towndrow, Dan Venn, Joel Wycherley

Saatchi New Sensations, Victoria House, London, 2014

Field Trip, Display Gallery, London, 2014

Slade School Of Fine Art Undergraduate Show, The Slade UCL, London, 2014

Fat Relic, Fat Relic, London, 2013

Slade Interim Show, Woburn, London, 2013

Weather! Pt 1, AquaBit Gallery, Berlin, 2013

Weather! Pt 2,Team Titanic, Berlin, 2013

Dik Piks, Zine (2017)


Saatchi New Sensations 2014

Saatchi Art One to Watch 2015
Beers Contemporary Finalist 2018

Private collections in UK, Europe, USA and Asia.